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Structure that moves 3 million tons of soybeans and corn every year.

Interalli Grains is a modern and efficient port terminal, which values excellence in its services, following an international quality standard.

Currently, Interalli is a national reference in port logistics with automated processes, through a structure that moves, annually, 3 million tons of soybeans and corn.

Located in a privileged area within the Export Corridor of the Paranaguá Port – one of Brazil’s main grain exporters, Interalli – Port Terminal is one of the nine private terminals that operate in the Port, through a concession from Paranaguá and Antonina Ports Administration (APPA).

Structure and capacity

Interalli – Port Terminal is today a national reference and is among the most modern bulk terminals in the country, with a capacity of 110 thousand tons in storage, distributed in 8 segregated cells.

This port terminal has two 25-meter platform tippers – the first, of this size, installed in Brazil – and two railway hoppers with daily unloading capacity of 180 wagons.

This reception structure is automated and segregated, which enables the unloading of up to three different products at the same time, allowing the total unloading of up to 25 thousand tons of grains per day. For the ships loading, the terminal has two shipping lines with a capacity of 1,500 tons per hour each.

This entire structure allows Interalli – Port Terminal to handle 3 million tons per year.


Services offered: reception, storage and shipment of agricultural products in bulk, such as soy and corn.

Reception:  2 platform tippers to receive trucks and 2 hoppers to receive wagons.

Storage 110 thousand tons accommodated in vertical silos and horizontal warehouse.

Shipment: 2 shipping lines linked to the export corridor with a capacity of 1,500 tons per line.



Soya/Maize = R$ 44,00

Standard Rate = R$ 38,00

Contracts over 500,000 tons/year

*Discounts may be traded depending on the total volume contracted and/or for contracts equal or superior to 02 years.

* In compliance with Resolution 3274, Art. 34, Item I, of ANTAQ – National Agency of Waterway Transportation.

Contact ANTAQ: 0800-644-5001

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 0800 041 7300

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